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BZWorkbench r20544 Win32 build

by blast on 2009-10-19, 4 comments

For those of you on Windows who want to try out the latest revision of BZWorkbench (the map editor that has been created over the course of two Google Summer of Codes), then I have a binary package up. There’s no installer – it’s just a zip file containing the files. This is built from […]

New Feature Coverage: The text object

by blast on 2009-09-14, one comment

I was a bit bored today, so I started playing around with the new “text” object in BZFlag 2.99.x. (For those of you who don’t know, 2.99.x is the development version that will become 3.0.0 when released.) Because of the new font engine in the game (FTGL) we can pull in any TTF font and […]

Experiments with C#

by blast on 2009-07-21, no comments

I’ve been playing around with the C# language for a while. It’s a really fun language, and it makes it easy to do a lot of powerful things (threading, database access, sockets, etc). Today I just got a working example that reads messages from a MySQL database and then processes it and sends it to […]

Pre-Alpha BZFlag

by blast on 2009-04-04, no comments

Here’s another pre-alpha Windows build of BZFlag’s development code for Windows. This is based off SVN revision 19585. So, download the Windows Installer and give it a shot. Please report any bugs you see (check the bug tracker and our BUGS file from SVN to make sure it hasn’t already been reported). Version 2.99.x is […]

Google Summer of Code 2009

by blast on 2009-03-19, no comments

Been a couple of weeks since I last posted. But anyway, BZFlag is officially part of the Google Summer of Code 2009! Yay! Any college students that want to help out BZFlag should jump onto the #bzflag IRC channel on Freenode and get to know us. There are quite a few ideas already posted, but […]

Pre-Alpha Build: bzflag-

by blast on 2009-01-22, no comments

I threw together a Windows installer of the BZFlag development code. Version 2.99.15 from today can be downloaded from the post on the official forum. I’m not entirely sure if it will work, because it was built with the Express version of Visual C++ 2008. I haven’t tested it on a machine without that installed. […]

Relief shading and fancy lighting

by blast on 2009-01-19, one comment

This Lua stuff is really interesting. For this post, I’ll be showing some more screenshots from trepan’s test server. These are from last Sunday. They show relief shading and I think they also have multitexturing. Bit of an FPS killer though. When I’m on the ground, I’m getting only 45FPS. Might not seem that low, […]

Small sample of what’s to come

by blast on 2009-01-07, no comments

There have been some recent additions to the development code of BZFlag that will interest map authors. trepan has been adding support for Lua scripts in BZFlag. Initially he added support for writing server plugins in the Lua scripting language. This is going to make it easier for plugins authors to write plugins if they […]