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New Site

by blast on 2012-03-25, 2 comments

I’ve been working the last few weeks on replacing the BZFlag homepage with a more polished and modern looking site. I’m planning to get some more screenshots/videos of gameplay posted soon. Let me know what you think. Also, if anyone wants to check out the source code, it’s posted on my Bitbucket account, and […]

BZFlag 2.4.0 “Wake the Dead” released!

by blast on 2011-07-03, no comments

BZFlag 2.4.0 “Wake the Dead” has been released.  After BZFlag 3.0 development hit a brick wall, Bullet Catcher helped get the project motivated again by producing a plan to get a new release out that was based on 2.0.x.  So what we did was bring back selective features from the 3.0 development tree that were low risk […]

BZFlag 2.4 is in beta!

by blast on 2011-06-25, no comments

BZFlag 2.4 is currently in beta, and we’ll soon be moving to a release candidate. Find out info about the beta on the BZFlag forum thread.

BZFlag 2.3 planning

by blast on 2011-05-11, one comment

Some serious thought is being put into getting a new release of BZFlag out.  Essentially it’s been decided that version 3.0 was too big of a jump with far too many big changes.  We got lost in all of the bugs and features and couldn’t get a release out.  Feature creep from the last five […]

BZFlag geolist source released

by blast on 2011-04-20, 2 comments

I set up a repository for the geolist source code.  I released the code under the MIT license.  You can go get the code at Bitbucket. Here’s some additional features that I might add in the future: HTML5 geolocation support to display servers sorted by distance. KML file generation Integration with Google Maps and/or Google […]

Alpha release – BZFlag 2.99.60 SVN r21252

by blast on 2010-07-01, 3 comments

BZFlag 3.0.0 is in the “alpha” stage right now. I have made a Windows installer of the latest development code, and a couple other people made various versions of an OSX build. Linux users (and OSX users that can’t run the builds below) can build a client with the source from SVN. You want the […]

April Fools and BZFlag 2.0.16

by blast on 2010-04-07, 5 comments

First off, I’d like to say that ALL server owners should upgrade to 2.0.16 as soon as possible. There was a security flaw found that allows player impersonation to occur. It was fixed in the server code as of late March. I would say a good chunk of the popular servers are already running recent […]

BZWorkBench r20937 Win32 Build

by blast on 2010-03-21, 4 comments

We recently picked up a new developer named Runic that had started off by submitting some great patches to the BZWorkBench project. Since been given commit access, he’s added and fixed a good number of things. Here is some screenshots: More screenshots, information and download links in the full article.

Plugin release – teamFlagControl 0.1

by blast on 2009-12-05, no comments

I’ve been toying with the idea of a plugin that can control various aspects of the team flag in CTF mode. Well, as of today, I have the first release of that plugin available. It’s pretty basic so far. Currently it only has one feature. It can control where the team flag will spawn. A […]

BZWorkBench on Linux

by blast on 2009-11-05, 8 comments

A few days after posting the Windows build of BZWorkBench, I was able to fix the build on Linux. There are still some issues with building on Mac OSX, but I can’t debug that as I don’t have OSX. Anyway, here are the steps for compiling on Ubuntu 9.04. It should be similar for other […]