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BZTips #6 – Hosting Tricks

by blast on 2010-08-13, no comments

Over the years, I’ve done quite a bit of game server hosting for BZFlag. I’ve run an assortment of maps and styles, from old school box and pyramid maps to “high” poly count mesh based maps. In this time, I’ve come up with a few tricks to make running and administering my servers a little […]

BZTips #5 – Commands for admins (or players!) – Part 3

by blast on 2009-07-05, 2 comments

In BZTip #4 – Commands for admins – Part 2, we covered how to ban users. In this third (and last?) section, we will cover some more of the commonly used commands. Some of these are even useful for normal users. Only /sendhelp is typically restricted to admins or cops.

BZTips #4 – Commands for admins – Part 2

by blast on 2009-04-17, 6 comments

In BZTip #3 – Commands for admins – Part 1, we covered the first section of commands that admins or cops typically use on a daily basis. In part 2, we will cover the various ban commands that are available. In BZFlag, there is three different types of bans: IP bans, host bans, and ID […]

BZTips #3 – Commands for admins – Part 1

by blast on 2009-04-10, no comments

The various server commands and client commands/options that BZFlag offers can be a huge benefit to server administrators and cops if used to their full potential. This BZTips session will cover how to use some of the server side commands for typical server administration. I will not be covering all of the server commands, just […]

BZTips #2 – Client-side variables

by blast on 2009-03-03, 6 comments

The BZFlag client and server both use what’s called the BZDB (BZFlag DataBase) to store different variables. Many of you know about the various server variables that BZFS has. You can also set client-side variables using the /localset command. To run this, you would hit ‘n’ or whatever your chat key is, type /localset, and […]

BZTips #1 – Client Side Chat Filtering

by blast on 2009-02-22, 3 comments

Today I’m going to start a set “BZTips” postings. These will focus on some of the lesser known features of BZFlag. For this first posting, I will cover Client Side Chat Filtering. Many servers have a chat filter set up to block profanity. But there are still quite a few that do not have such […]