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Pre-Alpha BZFlag

by blast on 2009-04-04, no comments

Here’s another pre-alpha Windows build of BZFlag’s development code for Windows. This is based off SVN revision 19585. So, download the Windows Installer and give it a shot. Please report any bugs you see (check the bug tracker and our BUGS file from SVN to make sure it hasn’t already been reported). Version 2.99.x is not compatible with 2.0.x, so you won’t typically see any players online, nor will you see 300 servers. So, get a few friends to come and play with you. Or hop onto our IRC channel and ask some people to join.

Note: The protocol of the game does change quite rapidly during development, so if you download this installer and don’t see any servers, it is probably outdated. But I would imagine this should work for at least a couple weeks.