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Relief shading and fancy lighting

by blast on 2009-01-19, one comment

This Lua stuff is really interesting. For this post, I’ll be showing some more screenshots from trepan’s test server. These are from last Sunday. They show relief shading and I think they also have multitexturing. Bit of an FPS killer though. When I’m on the ground, I’m getting only 45FPS. Might not seem that low, but I’m also able to get over 500FPS without that stuff. I was running in Ubuntu 8.10 on an nVidia 9800GTX+ at 1920x1200x32bit with everything turned on except anti-aliasing.

One thought on “Relief shading and fancy lighting

  1. wow ::: this is really great!
    and what it needs to get BZFlag a new “thrill”!

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