Is there such a thing as too much BZFlag?

Pre-Alpha Build: bzflag-

by blast on 2009-01-22, no comments

I threw together a Windows installer of the BZFlag development code. Version 2.99.15 from today can be downloaded from the post on the official forum. I’m not entirely sure if it will work, because it was built with the Express version of Visual C++ 2008. I haven’t tested it on a machine without that installed. I’d love to hear some feedback either here or on the forum post about it.

I’m pretty sure that not all of the BZFS plugins will work, as the installer script doesn’t yet copy over all of the templates for the HTTP plugins. Eventually those will be added in, as well as the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 redistributable package. We’re still a ways from an official 3.0 release, as there are a few critical bugs that need to get fixed.