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BZWorkBench r20937 Win32 Build

by blast on 2010-03-21, 4 comments

We recently picked up a new developer named Runic that had started off by submitting some great patches to the BZWorkBench project. Since been given commit access, he’s added and fixed a good number of things. Here is some screenshots: More screenshots, information and download links in the full article.

BZWorkBench on Linux

by blast on 2009-11-05, 8 comments

A few days after posting the Windows build of BZWorkBench, I was able to fix the build on Linux. There are still some issues with building on Mac OSX, but I can’t debug that as I don’t have OSX. Anyway, here are the steps for compiling on Ubuntu 9.04. It should be similar for other […]

BZWorkbench r20544 Win32 build

by blast on 2009-10-19, 4 comments

For those of you on Windows who want to try out the latest revision of BZWorkbench (the map editor that has been created over the course of two Google Summer of Codes), then I have a binary package up. There’s no installer – it’s just a zip file containing the files. This is built from […]

Another example of the text object

by blast on 2009-10-05, 2 comments

Here is another example of what BZFlag 3.0 will be able to do. I had posted an example that shows the last player to join on an object in the map. Well, a meteorite has been working on a plugin and map file that blows that out of the water. It’s a whole scoreboard! (Update: […]

Map in development by Spazzy McGee

by blast on 2009-10-03, no comments

Spazzy McGee has been working on a (yet unnamed) map. It will utilize some of the new features available in BZFlag 3.0, and therefore won’t be released until that new version of BZFlag is out. For example, it makes use of the new ability to make any mesh face act as a base. It has […]

New Feature Coverage: The text object

by blast on 2009-09-14, one comment

I was a bit bored today, so I started playing around with the new “text” object in BZFlag 2.99.x. (For those of you who don’t know, 2.99.x is the development version that will become 3.0.0 when released.) Because of the new font engine in the game (FTGL) we can pull in any TTF font and […]

Playing around with map making

by blast on 2009-08-16, no comments

I’ve been toying around with the idea of making a map for some time now. I have actually made a couple of them in the past, but none of them were really ever finished or released. The quality just wasn’t there, and I lacked the time to properly finish and test them. I’m trying to […]