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BZWorkbench r20544 Win32 build

by blast on 2009-10-19, 4 comments

For those of you on Windows who want to try out the latest revision of BZWorkbench (the map editor that has been created over the course of two Google Summer of Codes), then I have a binary package up. There’s no installer – it’s just a zip file containing the files. This is built from the stock SVN revision 20544 code. You will also need the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 runtime, which I have linked below as well.

Download BZWorkbench r20544 Win32

Download Visual C++ 2008 SP1 ATL runtime

There’s probably still lots of issues with it, so please report them to the official BZFlag bug tracker. Also note that as of this revision, building BZWB on Linux and OSX doesn’t seem to work.

4 thoughts on “BZWorkbench r20544 Win32 build

  1. Is this rated for XP? It works on my vista system, but my map is on the xp system. And I don’t really want to swtich back and forth just to test the map.

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