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Alpha release – BZFlag 2.99.60 SVN r21252

by blast on 2010-07-01, 3 comments

BZFlag 3.0.0 is in the “alpha” stage right now. I have made a Windows installer of the latest development code, and a couple other people made various versions of an OSX build. Linux users (and OSX users that can’t run the builds below) can build a client with the source from SVN. You want the trunk code.

There’s a forum thread over at the BZFlag forum about this as well.


As I don’t have an Intel Mac (much less a Mac that boots) I can’t verify the OSX builds will work as noted, soooo…. have fun! :)

If you encounter bugs or problems, please check if they have already been reported. Here are some places to look:

And feel free to mention/discuss the bugs (known or otherwise) on our #bzflag IRC channel. If you want to help contribute any fixes, that is welcome as well.

Happy tanking!

UPDATE: Removed “Tiger” from the note for mrapple’s OSX build. Someone reported it didn’t work on Tiger.

3 thoughts on “Alpha release – BZFlag 2.99.60 SVN r21252

    • There isn’t any servers running the 2.99.x codebase. The 2.99.x code has been abandoned, at least for the time being. The BZFlag 2.4 release includes some of the more minor changes from 2.99.x. Perhaps at some point the more advanced features of 2.99.x will be pushed other version of the game, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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