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Plugin release – teamFlagControl 0.1

by blast on 2009-12-05, no comments

I’ve been toying with the idea of a plugin that can control various aspects of the team flag in CTF mode. Well, as of today, I have the first release of that plugin available. It’s pretty basic so far. Currently it only has one feature. It can control where the team flag will spawn. A new object of type ‘teamflagspawnzone’ will need to be added to the map. A lot more detail is available in the README file provided with the source. You can download the plugin in the full article.

IMPORTANT: This plugin will NOT work for a any of the officially released 2.0.x servers. A bug in bzfs prevented team flags from being moved via the plugin API. I did commit the change (8 days ago) to the official BZFlag SVN repository under the v2_0branch. So you have two options. You can eitherbuild the latest v2_0branch code (get v2_0branch, not trunk). Or you can manuallypatch your code base. Because of the changes required, it will not be possible for someone to compile this for 2.0.12, 2.0.10, 2.0.8, or anything older.

Read the README file for more information, including an example of how to use the plugin.

Download teamFlagControl 0.1

View teamFlagControl code online

Optimally, you should download the copy from Subversion directly. If you pull it from the trunk repository, you can easily update it to the bleeding edge version as I add features and improve it. You can do so by running:

svn co

I’m not going to cover how to build BZFlag or how to add plugins to the build system. This is something that should already be covered on the official BZFlag forum or the wiki, so please search around.