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BZWorkBench r20937 Win32 Build

by blast on 2010-03-21, 4 comments

We recently picked up a new developer named Runic that had started off by submitting some great patches to the BZWorkBench project. Since been given commit access, he’s added and fixed a good number of things. Here is some screenshots:

Louman's H2O in BZWorkBench r20937 #1

Some of the objects don't show up properly, but it looks way better than it used to. Previous to Runic's fixes, I think everything showed up white.

More screenshots, information and download links in the full article.

Louman's H2O in BZWorkBench r20937 #2

You can see it is properly loading remote textures! Awesome!

Louman's Metropolis in BZWorkBench r20937

It isn't perfect yet. You can see the fake ground looks like water instead. Also, I had to comment out the waterLevel object in the map file, as that isn't yet supported.

Here are the notable fixes:

  • fix to allow per face matref to be parsed for pyramids in bzwb (Runic)
  • add support for parsing “passable” attribute (Runic)
  • mesh now outputs drivethrough and/or shootthrough (Runic)
  • Added an XCode project for building on OSX. (Runic)
  • Proper build system on Linux (BulletCatcher)
  • Added support for downloading and displaying textures from remote URLs. (Runic)

See that last one? Yeah, BZWorkBench will now download textures from remote URLs when specified within the materials of a map file! This is an awesome addition.

Anyways, I have an updated binary online. Just like before, there is no installer. Download and extract the ZIP file and run it. This is built from the stock SVN revision 20937code. You will need the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 runtime, which I have linked below as well.

Download BZWorkbench r20937Win32

Download Visual C++ 2008 SP1 ATL runtime

As always, please report any bugs or issues to theofficial BZFlag bug tracker, and/or discuss them on the #BZFlag IRC channel. Linux and OSX users can build from source.

4 thoughts on “BZWorkBench r20937 Win32 Build

  1. Looks promising, hope I can get it working. Is this working as a blender plugin on windows currently?

    • It is unrelated to Blender. BZWorkBench is a completely stand-alone application that will be the official map editor for BZFlag.

    • I would recommend BZWorkBench over BZEdit. There may also have been some improvements to BZWorkBench since I built this package. I haven’t really been keeping track of it lately, though I do know the work on it has kinda come to a stop. BZWorkBench isn’t completely finished, but I *think* it can do everything that BZEdit can do along with some additional features and better support for 2.0.x map features.

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