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BZFlag geolist source released

by blast on 2011-04-20, 2 comments

I set up a repository for the geolist source code.  I released the code under the MIT license.  You can go get the code at Bitbucket.

Here’s some additional features that I might add in the future:

  • HTML5 geolocation support to display servers sorted by distance.
  • KML file generation
  • Integration with Google Maps and/or Google Earth (the Google Earth plugin in the browser, at least – but could be for the desktop application as well)
  • Support for the MaxMind GeoLite City database.

Note that it does use a couple files (and will soon use more) from another open-source project of mine called mvcish.

2 thoughts on “BZFlag geolist source released

  1. Thanks for the “additioanl features” links. Especially “HTML5 geolocation” and “KML file generation” are very promising. (Seems I didn’t pay enough attention on the Geo-stuff last years.)

    I’m very interested in what you’re going to work on. :o)

    Btw, if you are interested in historic maxmind data collections, I could provide you with the GeoLite City IPv4 data since 2007-07.

  2. I have implemented some additional functionality. It now makes use of the GeoLite City database. The latitude and longitude (and city/region) is stored in the database. I also have it query the IP of the user visiting the site and calculate the distance to each server. This then allows me to sort the list of servers based on how far away (approximately) they are to the user. For my purpose, this is probably accurate enough that I don’t need to use HTML5 geolocation.

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