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BZFlag Mobile Site

by blast on 2010-03-07, 9 comments

I’ve been sitting on the domain for a couple years now, and I finally have something halfway useful up. It lists what users are currently on a BZFlag server. It pulls data from the official BZFlag stats site, so there’s a delay between updates of around 5 minutes.

The “online” page might be a bit too large for some phones, as it pushes a little past the W3C’s recommended markup limit of 10KB. I’ll try to cut that down a bit, and then make it look a little better. I may at some point have interfaces customized for certain devices, like the iPhone/iPod Touch, but don’t count on that…

The current goal is to allow registration, and then players would be able to add friends/foes to their list and quickly see if they are online. If anyone can thing of other features that would be useful, please let me know!

9 thoughts on “BZFlag Mobile Site

  1. Its a great idea :) I was just working with the BZ stat rss feed and was thinking about doing something like that, looks like you beat me too it ;)
    Keep up the good work

  2. Not bad. Tried it on my iPhone and I like it :)

    …though I will still be using strayer’s… I would definantly add a auth page so you can add your friends to a “quick list”. Hey, maybe the site could add your friends from your BZBB friends/foes list in the ucp once you login.

    Keep up the good work!

    • It is not possible to tie it to the friend/foes thing on the BZFlag forum, not would I want to. When you add some as a “foe” on the BZFlag forum, it hides their posts from your view.

      My site is not designed to be a “stats” site, so is it not directly comparable to strayer’s site. Mine will just say who is online – not track scores or play sessions.

    • I can’t seem to locate this. Do you have a link to it?

      EDIT: Ah, seems feeds are currently disabled on BZBB.

  3. I understand the friend and foes list and I love the idea but the data part i don’t understand. Does it give you a kills/death ratio or am I way off.

    • This just just shows who is online and where. I haven’t taken the time to add the registration system either. So, what you see now is all there is. :)

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