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BZFlag 2.0.14 released

by blast on 2010-02-15, one comment

Coined as “This isn’t the release you are looking for”, BZFlag 2.0.14 has made an appearance. You can download it from SourceForge for Windows and OSX. Source code is available, so those on Linux and BSD can download the code and compile it.

The primary reasons for this release were to correct some font licensing issues and to get 2.0.13 out of the Debian and/or Ubuntu package repositories. Version 2.0.13 made it’s way into both, which should not have happened – the odd number means it was not a released version, but a development version. This new version probably won’t make it into the next Debian stable, but we’ll see.

There is also a good number of other minor fixes. You can view the Change Log to see all of the changes. Windows users will want to make note of the changes in 2.0.12 as well, since they’ve been on 2.0.10 before this release.

A couple other changes include a fix for reloading bans via a plugin, such as what serverControl does. In the past, players that were caught in a ban but were white listed would get kicked off when a server plugin reloaded the bans. This has been fixed in 2.0.14’s server. Another fix includes server-side checking for users running autopilot. Before it was possible to enable autopilot during the join process even if the server had disabled the functionality, but this should now be prevented.

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