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Minor changes to Missile Wars 2.3

by blast on 2009-12-07, 6 comments

I am currently testing a few minor change to the Missile Wars 2.3 map. This is the map that I host at port 5154. These changes are:

  • There is a Bouncy flag added to the Genocide pad. It has a timeout of 1 second.
  • Players do not spawn on the base on their first spawn or after a capture. This is to help prevent spawnkilling.
  • The team flag spawns on the ground under the base. This goes along with the second change. This was done to prevent the team flag from being overly exposed to the enemy after a capture, since players will spawn on the ground typically.

Those last two changes may not stay. I haven’t yet decided if that is the best solution. Also, I accidentally left in some additional Cloaking flags on the base. This was the method I was originally going to use to help prevent spawn killing. I may leave them in and then take out the above two changes.

Please feel free to leave some comments either here on the blog or by another form of contact.

Edit Dec 10, 2009 7AM: I temporarily removed the new way that tanks and the team flag spawned. I also swapped the bouncy flag for an OO flag.

6 thoughts on “Minor changes to Missile Wars 2.3

  1. Great work, blast. I like the OO flag idea better than BY. Though not as amusing, is more effective. I think that the CL flags on base to _mitigate_ spawnkilling is a better idea than spawning everyone on the ground to eliminate it.

  2. I think if the object is fun then thats better, hence I like bouncy. Less of a russian roulette and more of a skill. You can still stay on top with bouncy if you use it right. I’ve got to be honest I like the way you originaly chanegd it with the spawning off pad too.
    On the whole though it’s great to have the changes whatever they are.

  3. Still not sure if I completely like the OO flag up there. It’s easy enough to avoid falling through now, so it almost serves no purpose.

    The CL flags on the base are a definite improvement though. You can still get killed by spawnkilling, but there is a chance you might land on a CL and survive the light show. This still provides an incentive to work at preventing the other team from capturing your flag.

  4. Maybe even Obese with really high settings (stuck between the pyramids?).

    Spawning on the ground makes sense, it works every other spawn apart from start or after cap. The team score should be enough to make people want to cap/protect, not being burdened with a spawnkill.

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