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Server Upgraded

by blast on 2010-01-29, no comments

Doesn’t really have much of an effect yet, but the CPU in my server was upgraded about 30 minutes ago from a single core Celeron D 2.53GHz (256KB cache, 533MHz FSB) to a dual-core Pentium D 3GHz (4MB cache, 800MHz FSB). Now I just need to find something to do with all of that power! […]

Minor changes to Missile Wars 2.3

by blast on 2009-12-07, 6 comments

I am currently testing a few minor change to the Missile Wars 2.3 map. This is the map that I host at port 5154. These changes are: There is a Bouncy flag added to the Genocide pad. It has a timeout of 1 second. Players do not spawn on the base on their first […]

Experiments with C#

by blast on 2009-07-21, no comments

I’ve been playing around with the C# language for a while. It’s a really fun language, and it makes it easy to do a lot of powerful things (threading, database access, sockets, etc). Today I just got a working example that reads messages from a MySQL database and then processes it and sends it to […]

DoS Attack

by blast on 2009-06-24, no comments

Yesterday some of you may have noticed that it was difficult or impossible to get into Missile Wars 2, and received a “Game is full or over” message when you tried. This was because my BZFlag server was being attacked by an individual with the intent of preventing players from joining. I have resolved the […]

Missile Wars 2 & BZFlagr

by blast on 2009-02-15, no comments

As some of you probably heard, Winny is no longer hosting Missile Wars 2. The map won’t go away though, as I have picked up the hosting for it. You can find it at It should be set up identical to the old server, including the admins/cops. I have a few more tweaks to […]

Now offering free map hosting

by blast on 2009-02-02, no comments

Attention all map authors. Need a host for your maps? Then check out my map hosting page for more information. I have hosted maps for several people in the past, but this is the first time I’ve put the offer out there in the open. Eventually I hope to have a powerful web interface for […]

BZExcess site is live!

by blast on 2008-12-23, no comments

Finally got around to setting up a website. I’ll probably get a better template up here once I get enough time. But for now, this is fine. BZExcess is currently hosting two maps for the 2.0.x version of the game. Port 5154 is running Louman’s Metropolis, and port 5167 is running a map called “Rabbit […]