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BZExcess site is live!

by blast on 2008-12-23, no comments

Finally got around to setting up a website. I’ll probably get a better template up here once I get enough time. But for now, this is fine.

BZExcess is currently hosting two maps for the 2.0.x version of the game. Port 5154 is running Louman’s Metropolis, and port 5167 is running a map called “Rabbit Chase” by teamvss (not real creative of a name, but hey, it’s a great map none the less). I run a few other servers from time to time.

I’m also running a few maps on the 2.99.x development version of the game. I have two copies of Louman’s Metropolis (one in Team FFA mode, and the other in Open FFA mode, which is a new game style). I’m also running a few others, including a random map just for basic testing. Not much to see on them really.