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Free Map Hosting

NOTE: Free map hosting is currently suspended until I can get a better system set up. It became too time consuming to manually write all the configurations and update the maps. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am working on a web based system that should make it easier and faster for map authors to get their work online. I will post an update on the blog when I have something set up.

I may still host a few existing maps. I won’t be accepting new maps at this time.

I offer free BZFlag map hosting for map authors. Have a good map that needs some hosting? Then I can help you out! I do ask that people considering asking for hosting have a good map that has been tested. I also ask that you be willing to update your map if bugs or issues are found (otherwise I might take it down).

Some stats about my server:

  • Dedicated Server from XLHost
  • Located in Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.50GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1000GB bandwidth per month
  • 10mbps connection (upsteam and downstream)
  • Absolute latest version of BZFS 2.0.x from SVN (2.0.17).

Basically the way it works is that you will send me the map file, and then any configuration settings that you want set up. You don’t necessarily have to provide an actual configuration file. I can do that for you if you give me a general idea of how you want it set up.

I only host maps that are released under an OSI approved license or are public domain. Please specify which license your map is released under when you send it to me.

Also, send me your BZFlag forum username, as I can then assign some additional rights to the server so that you have some control over your map.

You can pick from the following host names:


So, to summarize what you need to send me, here is a list:

  • Map file (including the map title so I know what to call it)
  • License the map is released under
  • Desired host name
  • Any configuration settings (tank speed, shot count, desired flags, etc)
  • Your BZFlag Forum username

Contact me: host… (Email protected with reCAPTCHA, so click it to get the full address)